Ross Munroe is a senior ad writer, with
a long list of awards and successful client
relationships to his credit. Having worked as
a full-time copywriter in such agencies as
Grant Tandy/BBDO, Carder Gray/DDB Needham,
Case Associates Advertising, and Ogilvy & Mather
- as well as in a freelance capacity in several dozen
others - Ross has served as Vice President, Creative
Director in several mid-size agencies. Independent
for well over a decade, Ross is known for his strong strategic
thinking and break-through creative prowess. Ross' clients
have included many hundreds of well-known names. He has
received hundreds of awards for his work without really trying, in
virtually every medium including television, radio, outdoor, print
and direct mail. He has won in Cannes, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles -
and took the Gold Bessie for the best TV spot of the year in Canada.


Ross is very fast. His clients depend on him to generate dozens of original and provocative campaign ideas rapidly – sometimes overnight. His work has helped to win dozens of new business pitches for his agencies. Because Ross knows which side his bread is buttered on, he's just as happy to write a corporate brochure when the heavy-duty thinking isn't required. Projects are quoted by lump sum, according to your budget.