Ross has done work in virtually every market you can shake a pencil at: brand & retail, big business & small, business to business, health care, financial, real estate, government, law, advocacy & a heck of a lot more.

3PL Logistics, Accu-Plane, Acrylic Fabricators Limited, Aeolus Tires, Aetna, Allergan, Aspen Ridge Homes, Aurora Grove, Austin Air Systems, AutoPlace, Aznet Online Enterprises, Bank of Montreal, Bank of Nova Scotia, Barnes & Castle, BASF, Bayer, Benton Dickson, Betz Dearborn, Big Box, Big Brothers, Biway, Block Drugs, Blue Box Program, BMW, Boehringer Mannheim, Bosch, Brettons Fashions, Bristol Myers, C&C Yachts, Cabot Trust, Campbell Soup Company, Camrost Developments, Canada Trust, Canadian Peace Alliance, Canadian-Japanese Business Association, Castrol, CBC Television, CFRB Radio, Chemagro, Chrysler Dealer Assoc., Chrysler, Cigna Insurance, Citracal, City of Mississauga, City of Scarborough, CN Real Estate, CNCP Telecommunications, Coca Cola Bottlers, Coconut Grove Bank, Commodore, Community of Aurora, Computerland, Comwave Telecommunications, Consultronics, Cotton Ginny, CPU Maximizer, Craftsman Tools, Crown Life, Crowntech, Business Centres, CyberPlex, Dimante Developments, Distillers Co. Ltd., Dominion Securities, Doral Boats, Dow Brands, Dr. Oetker, Drug World, DSL Testworks, Dufferin Mazda, Dupont, Dynamic Tire, Eli Lilly, Elora Soaps, Employment & Immigration, Expedite Plus, Express Airborne, Finnish Air Lines, Flender, Flexi-Brick, Foodland Ontario, Fujitsu, Fun City, Gabriel Shocks, General Foods, Glaxo Wellcome, Go Transit, Goldman Sloan LLP, Goodyear, Greyline Boat Tours, H&R Developments, H.J. Heinz Ltd., Hamilton Transit Authority, Herman Miller, High Liner Foods, High Tech Communications Inc., Hilroy, Hiram Walker Ltd., Hitachi, HMV Superstores, Hollywood North Online, Home Service Club, Horseshoe Resorts, Hospitals Lottery, Houston Home Show, IBM, IKO Systems, InfoGlobe, Ingeheim Mannheim, International Clothiers, Irwin Toy, John Deere, Johns-Manville, Kawasaki, Kimberley-Clark, Kirkor, Krazy Glue, Krylon Paints, Lada, Lottery Corporation, MacCosham Transport, MacDraw Software, Marathon Realty, Markham Transit, Marriott Hotels, McCain Foods, MedicAlert, Melitta, Mentholatum, Mercury Outboards, Metro Home Show, Midrange Computers, Mine Radio Systems, Ministry of Transport, Minto Development Group, Mitsubishi Electric, MIX 99.9 Radio, Monroe Shocks, Monsanto, MSA Software Inc., Municipal Parking, Municipal Savings & Loan, Nabisco Brands, National Home Show, National Homes, National Soft Drink Assoc., National Trust, Nesbitt Thomson, New Millenium Casting, Newsworld International, NGK Spark Plugs, North Country Slate, Novacor Chemicals, O.B. Allan Jewellers, Ontario Apples, Ostranders Jewellers, Ottawa Home Show, Parke-Davis, Parking Authority of Toronto, Peat Marwick, Penman's, PetroCanada, Pfizer, Pizza Nova, Pollution Probe, Primex Tires, Print Three, Public Storage, Pullman Logistics, Pylon, QCC Media, Quaker State, Redtree Logistics, Richardson Greenshields, Ricky McMountain, Ricoh, Royal Trust, Rybka Smith, Sancella Medical Products, Sandoz, Sanvik Tools, Sears, Sel Transit System, Shane Baghai Estates, ShareLife, Sharp Electronics, ShipByChoice, Shmuzzle Puzzle,Shoe Fairies, Shur-Gain, Spalding, Specialized Motor Express, Sporting Life, Springdale, State Park Homes, Stitches, Sun Life Properties, SunDial Homes, Sunoco, Sunofi, Suzuki, TD Bank, TeleLatino Television, Teletoon, The Parents Show, The Pemberton Group, The Pen Center, The Shoe Company, The Suit Exchange, Toronto Blizzard Soccer, Toronto Home Show, Toronto Stock Exchange, Toshiba, Total Auto Glass, Town & Country, Town of Richmond Hill, Town Shoes, Town-Wood Homes, Triangle Tires, Tribute, Trio TV, Unico Foods, Valhalla Inns, Venture Inns, Wang, WeirFoulds LLP, Wellington Insurance, Western Express, Willson International, Wilson Trucking, Winners Fashions, Wycliffe International, Yapalot Long Distance, Yokohama Tires, Zetor Tractors & many more.